Yes, you heard right. After ranting about my lousy Sprint service a few posts ago I must now open mouth and insert foot.

It all started as I was reading the NYT article, Bringing You A Signal You’re Already Paying For, about AT&T offering an at-home Mini-Tower to improve cell phone service for AT&T customers. I figured perhaps Sprint had a similar product (and after scrolling to bottom part of the page my theory was confirmed — the Sprint Airave). I must point out the totally weak part of this AT&T mini-tower deal — the cost. A staggering $150 to use your iPhone… as a phone.

AT&T Mini-Tower

AT&T Mini-Tower

The Sprint Airave is $50 less than the AT&T Mini-Tower at $99, BUT costs $4.99 a month/phone! Not cool. With a little googling I was able to figure out how to “convince” Sprint to waive not only the cost of the Airave, but also the monthly charges (don’t worry, no cement shoes were involved). Being a Sprint customer for over 10 years has finally paid off! And that folks, is why I am finally being brought a signal I’m already paying for– for free! (err… well at no additional charge).

Sprint Airave

Sprint Airave


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    […] further down the week Sarah discovered that the only way for her to get a phone signal was to buy a phone tower for her apartment.  By time you buy the phone and the tower you might as well plug a cord into the wall and re-learn […]

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